Because UsTwo is a digital agency with a focus on product design, I felt that a traditional paper book would limit the experience of the company’s work. As a result I choose to use a digital presentation.
I considered this to be a high fidelity prototype more than a complete project. This is because the type of books that would be the physical counterparts for this project were, in essence also just complete mockups. We were not required to create full die-lines or otherwise investigate the practicality of producing the finished projects, but were encouraged to use a variety of printing techniques in creative ways that would best reflect the agency we were covering.
As a result one of the more difficult aspects of the project was deciding how best to compile the prototype. I had created the basic layout for the information. And because it was supposed to be a facsimile of a “real” book I wanted to maintain a sort of page structure, while allowing the pages to be as long or short as they needed to be.
After completing the design it was difficult to find the best way to represent this concept on an actual device. I could have used an interactive PDF to achieve some of the functionality (pages of different sizes, links to other media), but I felt without the interactive elements I would have a hard time fully selling the concept.
Many of the prototyping tools I tried may have been able to replicate one or two of the elements I wanted the project to have, but most tools did not incorporate all of them at the time (May 2019). I ended up choosing Protypie because it allowed me to come the closest to representing the concept I had for the project.
Box Design
Mockups with Packaging
Mockups of design
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