The Computer Museum of America is a museum in Roswell, Ga dedicated to preserving the history of computing. As part of a class assignment I developed a concept for a new identity for the museum. 
Computers use a numbering system consisting of 1s and 0s (on and off) to store information and make calculations. Even though machine code is abstracted away from users, this is how every modern computer works. The concept behind this identity is to leverage the similarity in geometry of the initials of Computing Museum of America (CMOA) to a series of 1s and 0s (0111011). In two or more colors this can be further emphasized by having one leg of the 'M' and the '0' set in a different color. The color palette of dark green, black, and white was chosen as a call back to green text monochrome computer terminals. 
All of the possible lockups developed for the mark. 
Visual Development
Early in the development process a more patriotic theme was explored as a way of distinguishing CMoA from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and a number of international computer museums. However after testing some marks in this direction, many viewers were more confused by the patriotic marks, so a more computing focused direction was selected. 
A collection of early sketches for the identity. Many of which explore a patriotic direction. 
Further digital exploration. 
A number of traditional rollouts were created to demonstrate how the identity could be used in a variety of applications. 
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